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Thu, Jan. 17th, 2008, 04:44 pm
the poly peeps

I told my coworker to write "bakers rock, and everyone should have a pet squirrel weeeeeeee!". The guy wrote back that I really was crazy and no wonder I fit in.
I think I am okay with this.

Wed, Nov. 7th, 2007, 08:36 am

why oh why do i use language ever. and this coming from the person who likes learning other languages, just to add to the confusion.
russian 102 starts today.
a boss called and said" you are not very good at talking on the phone"
and then there is dating fiasco number what? right, everytime i ever try to give somebody my number it is the worst. so sunday was not fun.
i am courting with disaster. or flirting with it. poly boys need to stop flirting with me. runaway! runaway! need to meet new group of guys. democracy conventions in jan here i come!
i rode marta for 2 days. marta PICKED ME UP(woohoo! I caught the bus, amazing!!!) but then the whole getting off is really confusing. like pulling the string didn't work on the way home. and then on the way there both days the guys were like where are you trying to get off on the way to work. next stop didn't make sense?!?!
the bus driver lady tried to charge these other two for riding the bus too long. they wanted to go another stop and she said they had to pay to keep going. not like the buses are too full. way to make marta even more unloveable. apparently according to another lady she had done this before, been reported before, and marta would refund your money but still.
and i should be studying. grrr.

Thu, Sep. 6th, 2007, 12:38 pm
blind to the real Pat

I couldn't see her beauty, her liveliness, her spontanaety in her life. I only saw her mental illness, her manipulations, her fight of the cage caused by her mental illness. I went to the service not for my housemat. I went because I needed to hear how she was a beautiful person.
She dressed in lavendar from head to toe and other pink and bright colors daily. She wore leopard print jackets, boas, big costume jewelry. She really did love and see great things in everybody. She would talk to and help out anybody and everybody. She loved every creature as well. It was good to hear about her enjoying traveling, enjoying family, finding a sense of humor from all of her adventures. I didn't see how her daughter was like her at all. Now I see a lot of her daughters love and caring also came from her.

Wed, Jul. 4th, 2007, 10:34 pm
SUV loophole

I am amazed this loophole still exists.
I remember articles about the suvs getting larger and heavier so that more vehicles would meet the over 6000 lb limit. The article below from USA today is from 2002. I remember them talking about closing the loophole a long time ago but apparently it was widened and given 75,000 more to write off in deduction (up to 100,000) by Bush in 2003 (Jobs and Growth Act). This was then reversed back to 25,000 in the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. You must be in a business, filing a schedule c or a corporation to claim it.
At least you get a credit for the hybrid and clean fuel cars effective for 2006 tax year fomr the Energy Policy Act of 2005. There has been a clean burning fuel deduction that started 2001 and expired by 2006.

Wed, Jun. 27th, 2007, 03:09 pm
Interviewing Process

Any suggestions on how to work on questioning everything I hear, listening for slants, the holes in the sales pitch, the things that aren't said but should be?

I have been told I am too nervous. Melissa pointed out I am always this way. The president of HRS of GA said it shouldn't matter since accountants aren't sales people. Everybody is a face of the company, a sales pitch, and a "team player" so nobody can be a complete recluse nervous freak. I really don't know how to work on that one except making myself get out of the house and go to events and to keep interviewing. Hopefully I will meet people at things and get better at "being at ease" with new people. HA HA!
The last two interviews I have been not nervous for me which means to normal people I appear at a normal level of nervousness and not psycho. yea!!
I thought the interview went well until I started really going over what I had said. I try to keep talking and my natural tendency is tell them about my bruises, faults and problems along with the stuff I am good at. It is like if somebody asked me well do you bake? Yea, I bake chocolate chip cookies that are awesome but not if you like the crunchy kind. I'd be happy to work on that if you really are craving some crunchy chocolate chip cookies. And if you are vegan I can make these awesome cupcakes but they are super easy. All you have to do is go to www.pakupaku.info. See I sell that I can cook and fit a variety of tastes but..... I do that with my jobs. See I worked independently on all sorts of projects across all different general ledgers and I have great schooling. The thing is I didn't really do financial statements of journal entries for the last companies. I have soooo much trouble telling people the first part without the second part. It's the way I talk and I have to change.
So mock interview for me and by me next week so I can watch and learn both sides hopefully.

Thu, Jun. 21st, 2007, 07:13 pm
kissing girls

I really thought that if I ever kissed a girl there would be some lust in there somewhere. I had no idea a kiss could be so very dead. My friend kissed me as a way to get rid of boys ("we've been dating for three years...") or for hell knows what reason after that on Tuesday night. I don't think she remembers. There is one boy kiss that was THAT dead. We went on three dates with no kiss and then it was this big deal with much discussion. By the time the kiss came there was NO lust AT ALL.
I am just amazed that she kissing me that many times really was just like why do you keep kissing me, go away even though I was drunk, prime time for senses to lead me to new places.

Thu, Jun. 14th, 2007, 03:10 pm

This company asked me to apply for a job with them after finding me on monster. They wanted me to take a test. It was an hour and half long test that went through a bunch of are you a team player questions in the same way that walmart asks you are you a druggie 10 times. I got half way through the test and go frustrated. I decided I didn't want to work for a company that tested in that manner anyways. I understand company's that want to test my math or accounting skills but not ones that try to pick my brain apart to find out if I work better independently or with a team. The company called me back after a few days and suggested I finish the test. Then they got their tech support to call me and make sure that I understood why they wanted the test done. Of course I understand why they want the test done but that doesn't mean I like company's whose culture requires such screening. I like interpersonal face to face communication not tests designed by IBM. The last part of the test was the math problems. The same type of word problems my dad would give to his future employees. If you had an asset for 6000 that was depreciated at 7% per year what would be the value at the end of the 8th year. Well normally I would stick that in a table in excel and then have all the numbers because rarely do I just want that ending number. You usually need how much is expensed each year as depreciation and the ending balance per year as well.
Also there was if there was some other question that I had no idea how to begin to solve. It wasn't a normal SAT question. It was regarding an average of maybe a given number of numbers that didn't go below 900. I sucked. That is all there is to it. grrrr. And that is the only part that actually means anything to me.
They had those stupid sequence tests in words, symbols, and numbers as well. I am willing to bet I did the worst on the numbers next the symbols and then the words.
So company number 4 collapses. There is still company number 5 (kaplan). One day I will find a job I hope.

Wed, Jun. 6th, 2007, 04:19 pm
brush brush, who feels hot!

Turner just gave me an ego. They wanted me! They liked my resume! They found me and brought me in for an interview even though they had basically finished their interviewing process! A big company like that looking at small fry like me. They saw my resume called me and brought me in and I didn't lift a finger.
Yea it is a job that is not QUITE what I was looking for. It would be a 60% of the customers in spanish, mainly analyzing, really no accounting job. Using spanish,manipulating numbers, and talking to people all day in a company with an amazing culture is a dream just not the cpa track dream. It can take me other places. I could still go back to school do a mba and be a cpa if it didn't work out. But whatever, there is still that decision phase. Still they called me. omg
Between this and the yard boy and the video boy from last week. oooh I feel sooo hot! woohoo
Maybe I can get some courage and do some cold calling. eye yei yei yei!

Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007, 06:42 am

I dreamt that the MS symphony orchestra played in a bass pro type shop in some podunk town. There were 4 seconds and 3 first violins when I walked in. For whatever reason I just got my violin out (which I happened to have) and played at the back of the first's section. There was a butch conductor who after 3 pieces started talking with the percussionist about how great mississippi was. She wouldn't let her daughter live in new york even though she was also a conductor for some orchestra in new york city. MS was great with it's 2 million dollar conducting contract. She even told her daughter she had to live in NORTH mississippi for whatever reason. The percussionist talks about her big money contract as well. This talk of great money and such makes me feel like I can't just hop in and play cause i feel like it so I get up and walk ALL the way around the store to another front door exit. On my way out I pass Dr. Combs warming up. I say hello and tell him my stupid sobb story. He says his father-in-law couldn't listen because the orchestra was too snooty.

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 10:12 pm
train wreck

So the test I am supposedly studying for. It is hard to study. The GSU library has limited hours, meaning not after work hours for me. So I would have to study at starbucks or something. blcch. I need plugs and silence. ideas?
I am an emotional train wreck. Now i have this idea, this faint idea how menopause must mess the fuck out of your mind. I for whatever stupid dumbass reason started birth control one week late. Talk about messing with hormones.
Then there was the little well huge crush. The definition of crush is a train wreck. I liked him way to much and thus called him and poof he disappeared. i think he actually disappeared before I called him too much. Calling him too much was just proof that i had a crush/infatuation/obsession. Now he is gone. He didn't make much sense. He called me every day and then poof decided not to do that anymore. Then he complained about me calling him 3 times last week.
Then my x has decided to call despite it being quite oh so clear he shouldn't. He obviously doesn't read or listen to me. Why o why did i even date him as long as i did? Now his friend who flirted with me and was the reason for the first break up has been calling. His friend being the reason because i went oh my gosh, his friend is flirting way more than he and he is pretty much ignoring me. That is just not so cool. sorry
But all in all it is all something because i am an emotional turd right now. Not cause any of this actually matters in the big scheme of things.
My coworkers have actually been concerned about me looking tired. I have had a couple days last week when I could have fallen asleep at work. I almost fall asleep on the way there. I have been sleeping a whole lot,8 hours a night at least. There is absolutely no reason I should be tired.

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